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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The most important characteristic to a successful politician or leader is good communication skills.



论点:1. 让步段落提到了交流确实是一个非常重要的特质;

2. 还有其他的特质也是非常重要的景观专业留学,比如自我控制力;

3. 主观能动性也是另一个重要的方面。


The well-known sentence "Every French soldier carries a marshal's baton in his knapsack" of Napoleon has inspired most of us, which also leads to pondering deeply over the issue what is the most characteristics of a successful leader or politician. Some people are quite convinced with the idea that communication is the most crucial factor, while I cannot sympathize with this view, and my reasons are listed as below. 接下来为大家介绍"景观专业留学热议2016年8月27日托福考试独立写作小范围机经预测"

Admittedly,communication plays an indispensible part in being a successful leader. As weknow, the tough part of running no matter a whole country or an organization isdealing with the human resources which are quite random and volatile. And ifthe leader owns high communication skills, he/she is able to motivate his/ herfellows to reach the collective goals. Barack Obama and Steve Jobs areprominent examples of outstanding leadership through effective communication.However, it is an overstatement to say that communication is the most importantelement, for there are other characteristics that make a great leader.

Furthermore, self-control matters. Self-contral, which means that one possesses the ability to stay calm, no matter in the joyful atmosphere, embarrassed dilemma and the worst conflicts. Being a leader, the one will be easily faced with dozens of situations which he/she may never encounter previously. The strong leader will stay peaceful no matter what happens. Take Zhuge Liang, the greatest and most accomplished strategist of the Three Kingdoms Dynasty, for an example. When the danger was just around the corner, with only a small group of soldiers in the city, Zhuge Liang and his army were surrounded. At that special moment he commanded to open all the gates and ordered soldiers to disguise as civilians. Then his enemy suspected that there was an ambush inside the city and thus dare not launch an attack.

Finally,initiative is also significant to a qualified leader. The leader is definitelythe key to a group when it comes to conducting new ideas, and a successfulleader is always willing to open to changes, if not, the organization maywither and finally go bankrupt. The Blockbuster video chain store is a goodcase in point. As the owner of the enterprise could not keep pace with thedevelopment of the information era, eventually Blockbuster collapsed. Incontrast, the example of the China’s Reform and Opening-up policy which isproposed and performed by our political leader Deng Xiaoping is a perfect proofthat shows the vital role of initiative.

In conclusion, apart from communication skills, there are other characteristicswhich count, such as initiative and self-control. Only when all these factorscooperate with each other can we witness a successful leader.


Doyou agree or disagree with the following statement? All university studentsshould be required to take basic science courses even if it is not the field oftheir study.


论点:1. 增设科学类课程会给学生带来额外的学业压力;

2. 会给学生和家长带来不必要的经济负担;

3. 进行让步,表示尽管增设基础科学类课程有其优点,但学生可以通过其他途径习得。


Universitycourses lay a very solid academic foundation for the future development ofcollege students. Facing the great selections of these courses, some people saythat, basic science should be made compulsory for college students, for thereason that they could be more familiar with the advancement and evolution ofhuman society. I disagree. I believe, despite minor merits, asking student ofall majors to attend basic science classes would cause problems.

To beginwith, science courses would put more academic pressure on students. Collegestudents have already had to study many theory and professional subjectsrelated to their majors and their schedule is very tight. For example, amedical student is not only obliged to finish his professional papers forcredit, but he also needs to find the opportunity to get clinical experience.His load is so heavy that he could not afford to take any irrelevant courses,such as basic science. In this case, schools should not add this course,because students would worry whether they could finish their homework on timeand how they would pass final examinations.

Furthermore,a required science course would lead to unnecessary cost for parents andstudents. To guarantee the quality of lecturing, colleges have to hire talentedand senior science professors and experts, such as those from the best-knownuniversities or scientific research institutes. This would increase the cost ofschooling. Normally, a lecture given by a famous science professor costs over1,000 dollars. These costs would be reflected in the tuition fee, and woulddeprive many underprivileged students of an opportunity for education.

Admittedly,taking basic science courses does have its merits. As a subject aiming toexplain how the universe exists, basic science broadens students’ range ofknowledge and enhances their analytical skills. Students could gain a deepunderstanding about the world they live in. Lots of methods to solve problemswill be gained through basic science. However, this knowledge could be acquiredby other method other than required courses. TV documentaries and books are allavailable options for students to learn basic science.

Inconclusion, although there are some small benefits to requiring basic sciencecourses, making every college student attend such classes would overburden thestudents with both academically and financially.


Doyou agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better for colleaguesor classmates to communicate in person than through emails in order to do aproject.


论点:1. 尽管通过邮件交流有其有点,这里举具体例子说明,但之后说面对面交流优点更多,如涉及质量和效率;

2. 关于质量,通过面对面交流,可以减少不必要的误解,而且对问题的描述更加精确;

3. 关于效率景观专业留学,发送邮件可能会遇到一系列技术问题,而且人们还需要花时间去细读邮件中文字的含义,但是面对面交流更加便利景观专业留学,而且可以当面给出反馈。


The modernsociety has required an increasing number of cooperation to a great extent inorder to guarantee the success of tasks individuals are supposed to accomplisheither under circumstances of school life or in the situation of the working.During the process of that cooperation, excellent level of communication isdemanded between each member working together. From my perspective, the way ofexchanging ideas in person is more suitable to succeed in fulfilling a projectthan by email.

It should beadmitted that conveying opinions through emails could be considered to bewonderful from a certain viewpoint. That means of communication between membersin a team can avoid the possible trouble they might encounter if they have togather together in person including the traffic fare, the time of commuting,and the difficulty of finding time as well as location available for all ofteam members. However, the advantages of discussing the project in personoutnumber those via emails involving both the quality and the efficiency ofcompleting that discussion they need. Those benefits are regarded assignificantly essential elements in achieving success of communication andaccomplishing the assignments as well. Due to those merits, it is morebeneficial for a group to talk with each other through face to face meetingsthan emails.

Moreover, interms of the quality of communication, a team working on a project is advisedto choose to discuss topics in person rather than via emails. By chatting witheach other about the task needed to be done in person, group members canrealize the face to face communication, which is believed to be an effectivemethod of avoiding probable misunderstandings during the discussion withinvolvements of facial expressions, eye contacts, and body gestures besidewords, the combination of which could be more accurate than writing what themembers want to describe in emails. Through sending emails, people have thepossibility of delivering what they mean in a wrong way or even lacking the abilityof portraying their meanings in the written form. For instance, a designingteam in an advertisement firm is asked to create a visual advertisement on TV.Without meeting in person instead of exchanging thoughts by email, the personresponsible for producing the video might not create the exact image thedesigning people desire due to the possibility that the video maker is misledby phrases in emails. Therefore, the communication through face to face talkingis superior to the way of exchanging emails in the area of the accuracy ofmeanings.

In addition,in order to promote the efficiency during communicating, it is more helpful tohave face to face discussions than talking through emails. People need time tocheck and respond to their emails, and that time would be longer when some ofthem might be occupied by other errands or assignments, or coming acrosstechnical breakdown or errors of the Internet as well as the performance ofemail system. Even though those members are not disturbed by those unfortunateincidents, the interaction via emails demands more time for people to organizewords to compose emails owing to the fact that usually it is the writinginstead of speaking that consumes more time to complete. In contrast, havingprepared themselves with a great deal of necessary materials, individuals canarticulate their opinions and fully explain their standpoints in a relativelyshort time of discussing meeting. Besides, people can give their responses tothe feedback, comments, or questions at the same meeting without delaying.Thus, the group would be more likely to obtain the satisfying arrangement andappropriate outcomes for the project they are dealing with just in one meeting.

Inconclusion, although presenting ideas through emails might possess favorablefactors, communicating in person contributes to better quality of communicationand high efficiency of working. Therefore, a team is encouraged to perform thediscussion in person rather than by email.


Should government spend money on the construction of public parks or build asport field for students?


论点:1. 可以使更多的群众受益;

2. 在忙碌一天后,人们可以有放松的地方;

3. 对城市的环境也有好处。


When advancedeconomic development has tremendously raised the living standard, what thepublic are concerned about has been beyond the material life. On the contrary,social welfare, such as public facilities, attracts people more. In the debateover the national investment on public parks or a sport field, I vote for theformer.

To beginwith, it is a construction benefiting the majority of the public. Differentfrom a sport field for physical exercise, the majority of whose participantsare the youth, active and energetic, a public park is where everyone can visit.When the expenditure the government has got cannot meet the both needs ofpublic parks and a sport field, the choice that meets the desire of themajority is where the money should go, for equity and fairness in the society.

Moreover,people have a place to get themselves relaxed after a busy day. A public parkprovides people with a great variety of choices. For example, the elderly canget what the public need is oxygen, the source of which is green plants. Apublic park, undoubtedly, will be planted with a great amount of green plants,purifying the air and adding vitality to the environment. There is no doubtthat parks in the city center are considered as “lung of the city”.

To end up, asan option benefiting the majority, as well as bringing people a place forrelaxing, investment on the public parks, which makes great contributions tothe natural environment, is a better choice in contrast to a sport field.